Trend Scan Series VI – Are they really just menswear colors?


This blog is sixth in the series of our trend scan. It’s about colors again. These colors are commonly used in men’s trousers, jackets and accessories. We looked at them to find out, are they really only for menswear? Looks like all colors love women the most! They reflect very beautifully when worn in the right tone, fabric, and most importantly attitude!

Blue: It works well with all types of outfit. Want a day for you, to introspect then this is it.


Grey: Choosing the right shade of gray and accentuating it with right accessories will make you the talk of the town.

2Beige: A very calming color that beautifully blends with shades of pinks and reds. The perfect pair to exuberate the naturally beautiful you!

3Brown: Call it gold’s best pal! Sensual yet calm – sounds like you then go this earthy color.


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