Trend Scan Series VIII – Animal inspired accessories


This blog is eight in the series of our trend scan. Jewelry and accessories are purely a personal choice. Most people pick their comfort over what’s in trend since they tend to treasure them for a very long period of time. It’s more so true when it comes to jewelry made of precious metals.

Nature, in general, has been the biggest source of inspiration in the fashion world. In this post, we are scanning how animals have fueled design ideas.

While we love the inspiration that birds, insects, and animals provide in designing accessories, we are against using any real animal products.


Animal accessory in any material – metal, stone, fabric, thread, and acrylic will look beautiful. Each material can be used to create different feel – fun, sensual, elegance



Each of them has beautiful patterns to be copied! The popular ones include cheetah and peacock. They are also the biggest source of inspiration for colors in our day to day life – peacock blue, parrot green, tiger orange, elephant gray, etc.



Feathers look gorgeous in any kind of accessory. They also are a great source of inspiration for discovering new colors.


Watch out for more on this fashion trend scan. Share trends that excited you in the comment area!

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