Super Easy to Use Velcro Hair Stick-ons


These are a beautiful non-slip grip for your hair! They are extremely easy and convenient to use.

It works for babies as an over-sized fashion statement (available in all pretty colors to match the dresses). It is super easy to use, just slip-on and slip-out. It will not pull out the hair. It works for babies with lots of hair or very little hair.

Are you asking what about grown-ups? You can also use it as a pony clip or hair holder. Just slip-on and see how that hair stays in its place. It definitely makes a statement irrespective of how you use it.

The version we have in our store is a Mickey shaped one. It is 89 x 77mm wide, 3mm thick. You could also do it at home if you have an interest in trying out art and crafts.

It is suitable for all ages, holds your hair anytime, anywhere without messing up the hair!

If you are interested, you could buy it on our site. Check out here!

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