4 Spotlight Ideas that will Make Your Party Season’s Best


Festivities and celebrations are a big part of the coming months. Every occasion needs a party that’s fun-filled. Let’s admit it; party organizing is very stressful for the host. Time, money and attention to detail are important aspects of putting together a memorable event.

Guests deserve special attention and should enjoy the whole affair and stay involved in the event.

If planned well, these ideas should not hurt your pockets. Let’s make your upcoming party super fun and most talked event in the town.

With wedding season just kicking in, you can make yours the talk of the town for this season.

Party Ideas Message Board

Message for the host

This is a place where your guests can write sweet, naughty, fun things for you. It’s a great way to let guests express themselves.

You need a few easel stands, chart paper and good quality colourful board pens. You can also mount a foam board and provide your guests with post-its and pens. If your budget provides for then print a bunch of fun questions and let your guests answer those.

You can also have a pot and let your guests drop the message in them.

Once you have considerable messages on the board pick a few and read them out loud. You can make a video and upload as a private video on your YouTube channel and share with friends.

Party ideas Selfie Corner

Selfie corner

You can’t live without them so are your guests. Why not create a corner that’s decorated and perfected for Instagram worthy selfies?

The ideas for this space are unlimited – floral frames, colourful drapes, bride-groom cut-outs (if it’s a wedding), festive themes, birthday theme, paper lanterns; just let your imagination flow and don’t forget the space availability at the venue.

You could have a blackboard and chalk where guests write their messages and then click. Make sure to communicate to your guests to uploads their clicks and tag you. Create a hashtag and share amongst your guests. You can also create a designated folder online and request people to upload the clicks.

Party ideas Tattoo corner

Tattoo time

Temporary tattoos are a great option. Guests will be more willing to go for it since it is easy to remove after the party. Make sure to choose from the cool options that are available ranging from simple, metallic to 3D colourful ones. Don’t forget it’s got to be skin friendly.

If you have a better budget, then go for custom printed tattoos or tattoos painting corner to add some personalization.

Be sure to keep options for both genders and all age groups.

Now they can click selfies with their tattoos on!

Party gifting ideas

Pick a gift

Got takeaway gifts for your guests? Why not let your guests have a bunch of options to choose from?

You can pre-decide things you want to give away as a gift based on the budget. Your guests can pick from them based on what they prefer.

You could have a charms-bracelet counter, choice of books, gift coupons to shop online or make it more generous by providing options to donate a fixed sum.

The gift options can be decided based on the age group and gender of the guests.

All the ideas can work for any party with some minor tweaks and best of all they are budget friendly.

Try out these ideas and share the clicks of your party version.

Got more budget-friendly ideas share in the comment section.

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