9 Jewellery That Will Make You Love Royal Life

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The royal families have global fans who watch every move and admire everything they do. These obsessed people know more history than the royals themselves.

You may not belong to that crowd, but something you will relate to the jewellery! Yes, cannot ignore the fairy tale looking and statement screaming pieces.

We picked nine such gorgeous beauties that will make you fall in love with royal life. These beauties fit those who have mastered the art of grace and style.

Pink Topaz Necklace

Made from finest Russian pink topazes this piece of art belongs to the Swedish royal family. The design of the neck piece ensures that the topaz gets the attention it deserves.

Royal Jewellery

Pearl Strand Necklace

Pearls are timeless and classy. Best suited for every occasion. The large pink topaz studded pendant with the five-strand of pearls screams royal. This belongs to Camilla Parker Bowles and was a gift from husband Prince Charles.

Royal Jewellery

Timeless Ruby Necklace

They set this gorgeous ruby masterpiece in opal. They were a gift to Queen Victoria by her husband Prince Albert. Rubies are standout with diamonds.

Royal Jewellery

Emerald Studded Earrings

Royal and subtle cannot be together, but this piece is an exception. A single large Emerald stone complemented by sparkling diamonds. If you want to follow Kate Middleton royal styling, it's for you.

Royal Jewellery

Bernadotte Emerald Necklace

Diamond found her best friend in Emerald! This eye-catching sparkler owned by the Swedish royals has admirers globally.

Royal Jewellery

Leuchtenberg Sapphire Necklace

The masterpiece owned by the Swedish royal family dates back to the 1800s. This has been one of the most worn sets by the acting queens of this royal family. It does not surprise us!

Royal Jewellery

Luxembourg Empire Tiara

What's royal jewellery without a tiara! Studded with large diamonds, the Luxembourg Empire Tiara is the winner. The design intricacy and the size of the crown make it stand out from the rest.

Royal Jewellery

Large Aquamarine Ring

Worn a ring then flaunt it, baby! The ring owned by Denmark's Crown Princess Mary. The super-sized Aquamarine stone is from where we got the name statement jewellery.

Royal Jewellery

Diamond Epaulette Earrings

The Epaulette Earrings owned by Swedish royals. Soaked in diamonds, this recycled piece once adorned the military uniform of royal men.

Royal Jewellery

There is no such thing as today's trend, yesterday's fashion for impeccable craftsmanship and high quality make.
Make sure your next precious metal buy fits your style and inheritance worthy!

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