9 Oscar Jewellery Styling You Can Perfect on a Budget

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Oscar styles have always been something to look forward to. Some are classy, some incomprehensible, some fun and some controversial.

As a jewellery lover, we look forward to the shine that gets add to the red-carpet outfits. We picked jewellery styles from Oscar 2018 that will not just let you glow like your favourite celeb, also fit your budget.

Studs, tennis bracelet, princess necklace, drop earrings, statement bracelets, hoops and chandeliers dominated the Academy Awards red-carpet this year.

The stylists kept jewellery to not more than 3 pieces. Each piece did not to overpower each other or the outfit.

We picked nine jewellery you can wear with your outfits are look like a diva. You will also notice that this time Oscars celebs took the safe bet route.

Let’s walk through the red-carpet to find your perfect jewellery and shop them on a budget.

#1 Solitaire Stud Earrings, Let the outfit do the talking!

Stud Earrings

Simple stud earrings were most seen on the red-carpet. Studs are the perfect pick when you have a gorgeous outfit and you want to add jewellery to complement it.

A red dress is a showstopper and Sofia’s stylist has nailed it by just adding a pair of clear stud earrings and back-combed hair.

Pair it with stunning outfits without overpowering them.

Stud Earrings

#2 Tennis Bracelet, Combine subtle with shimmer!

Tennis Bracelet

They are timeless for a reason. A tennis bracelet is all you need to steal the show. This versatile piece will blend with every makeover of the day.

Jennifer’s imperfect hair, dark eyes, a tennis bracelet is the killer way to up the ante of a sequin dress.

Pick your tennis bracelet and pair it with any activity not just red-carpet!

Tennis Bracelet

#3 Stone Drops, It does not have to be complex!

Stone Drops

Glamorous does not have to be complex. This is true with stone drop earrings. A swept-back hair is a perfect way to accentuate your looks with this style.

Katy’s stylist has achieved a million dollar looks with this sheer embellished Versace dress and a simple stone drop earrings.

A stone drop is a must-have in your wardrobe to pair up with both work and casual outfit.

Stone Earrings

#4 Thread Earrings, Keep it sleek & slender!

Thread Earrings

Make it poetic with jewellery. Thread earrings swish and sway as you move adding to the outfit drama.

Nancy’s stylist has paired the electric blue dress with a blush of shimmer using the thread earrings.

Pair the thread earrings with your party outfit and rock the dance floor.

Thread Earrings

#5 Princess Necklace, Play with shimmer & shine!

Princess Necklace

Adding maximum sparkle does not mean an overload of jewellery. A good princess necklace can do the magic.

Greta’s stylist has captured the shimmer with a simple princess necklace.

A princess necklace works well with western and Indian wear.

Princess Necklace

#6 Chandeliers, Add that punch!

Chandelier earrings

Art and jewellery are twins. Especially, when it comes to chandelier earrings, every designer will point their inspiration to an architecture, sculpture or some art form.

Salma’s shimmery layered dress is complemented perfectly with decorated chandelier earrings.

Chandelier earrings are perfect for wedding outfits.


#7 Hoops, Shimmery go around!

Hoop earrings

Looking to add a contemporary look to the day? Grab those hoops. Never underestimate the power of the simple hoops!

Amy’s navy blue dress has that just right shimmer with the stone studded hoops.

Hoops are part of the essentials of a jewellery collection. They fit red carpet dresses to casual sweater looks.

Hoop earrings

#8 Statement Bracelet, Keep its sheen!

Statement bracelet

If you are in doubt about what to add to a party dress just grab that statement bracelet from your jewel box.

Zendaya’s brown chiffon dress and a top bun are complete with the chandelier earrings and a statement sheen bracelet.

Statement bracelet can bring that aura to your outfit in a jiffy.

Statement bracelet

#9 Drop Earrings, Crystal style!

Drop earrings

Simple yet glamorous that is the way to describe the drop earrings.

Allison’s red dress needs less and that’s what the stylist has achieved.

A pair of this beauty will make a timeless addition to your jewellery collection.

Drop earrings


What's your favourite style from the Oscars and how are you planning to style with it? Leave a comment below!

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