How to Keep Your Favorite Baubles New Forever

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Fashion jewellery gives you truly the freedom to play with styles and trends without letting you worry about the cost or resale value. You can splurge to heart’s content and have one set of jewellery for every dress in your wardrobe.

Well, who can disagree with Coco Chanel when she said

“Costume jewellery is not made to give women an aura of wealth, but to make them beautiful”

Fashion jewellery, unlike precious metals, tends to tarnish quickly due to the nature of metals used. They are typically made of mixed alloys including zinc, copper, tin, and iron that tends to react with water, chemicals, and air. You can know more about the anatomy of fashion jewellery in this infographic.

While it is not possible to preserve, and restore them like gold, silver or platinum, it is possible to extend their lives with a few simple tricks.

There are four steps that will help to extend your fashion jewellery life – prevention care, storing carefully, cleaning after each wear and wearing with care. Let’s learn the tricks to keep your favourite baubles new forever.

How to Prevent Tarnishing of Fashion Jewelry


Prevention measures are best done before you start to wear your baubles. Make sure to check if your skin will react to any chemicals present in these suggested coating materials. You can do an allergy test by applying it one piece /pair of jewellery and wear it for a little while before going ahead and coating them with all your collections.

Clear Nail Polish

The most cost effective way to prevent tarnishing of your favourite fashion jewellery is the application of clear nail polish.

Prepare your jewellery by cleaning it with a soft piece of cloth to remove any moisture.

Pick a polish that is of good quality and thinner consistency.

Apply a thin layer of polish, allow it to dry completely. This will help protect from exposure to air and thereby prevent oxidisation.

If the jewellery is studded with stones or crystals, avoid applying polish on those parts since it will make the stones cloudy and take away the lustre.

The coating is prone to peel off over time if you notice peeling apply again.

Apply Acrylic Enamel Spray

Acrylic sprays are an effective solution to prevent oxidisation in fashion jewellery. Like clear nail polish, they form a layer over the jewellery and protect the shine. These acrylic lacquers are colourless and transparent thin liquid.

You will need a pair of gloves and mask along with a bottle of spray. Use the spray in a well-ventilated area to avoid suffocation.

Spray the jewellery thoroughly both on the front and the back portion to ensure full coverage. If you have a stone or crystal-studded jewellery cover those parts during the spraying process.

Allow the jewellery to dry at least for a day before using it.

You can also try coloured sprays such as gold or silver on an already tarnished jewellery.

How to wear fashion jewellery

How to wear fashion jewellery

Wearing jewellery in the right way can solve most of your problems related to keeping their sheen on forever.

Avoid contact with chemicals

If you wear perfumes or body spray use them before wearing jewellery this way you can avoid exposing your favourite bauble to chemicals present in the perfumes.

Avoid exposure to water

Fashion jewellery is not meant to used when bathing or swimming. You must remove them and store them carefully before these activities. While some exposure to water may not harm prolonged exposure will tarnish them. Salt water is an absolute no, no, when it comes to metal jewellery.

If you believe that your jewellery was exposed to any of the above removes immediately and clean with a soft cloth and let it dry.

Clean post wear

Always clean with a soft cloth after removing the jewellery to remove any kind of dirt or sweat.

How to Store fashion jewellery

How to Store fashion jewellery

You simply extend the life of your baubles by storing them in the right way. Each fashion jewellery varies in quality due to the type of metal and coating material used. It’s best to avoid storing them together.

Plastic pouches

Plastic pouches help avoid moisture and a cost-effective way to store jewellery individually. If you choose a zip lock pouch it is convenient to use as well.


Chalk pieces are your best friends to prevent tarnishing since they absorb the moisture from the atmosphere. Add a few chalk pieces to your jewel box or to the plastic pouch.

It’s that simple! Inexpensive!

Pill case

It’s time to rethink and reuse, old pill cases are yet another saviour for your baubles. They are perfect for small pieces of jewellery as well great travel companions.

Non-tarnish pads

Keep a non-tarnish pad along with your jewellery to prevent them from oxidisation. They are slightly expensive compared to all the above-mentioned options but still worth it! You may need to replace them as per the instructions on the pack.

How to Clean Fashion Jewellery

How to Clean Fashion Jewellery

Ensure that you wipe the jewellery after every wear to ensure that sweat and other deposits are removed from the surface before storing them. You can clean your baubles in a couple of ways.

Polishing cloth

The most suited idea for all types of jewellery is a polishing cloth. You can buy these in packs of 10 for an affordable price. Carefully rub each piece of jewellery with this piece of cloth and see how they happily shine and smile at you!

The two methods mentioned below are suited only on uncoated metals. If you use them on coated pieces, it will remove the coating.

Baby Shampoo

Use a small amount of shampoo and rub it against the jewellery with your fingers. Wash it with clean water and wipe it clean.


A super ingredient to clean most of the silver jewellery is toothpaste! Use a small amount of toothpaste and rub it with fingers or baby toothbrush and watch your bauble regaining its sheen.

Remember do not use these methods on coated or iron based jewellery.


Fashion jewellery can also be everlasting if maintained carefully. You can follow a few of these simple and inexpensive tips to keep your baubles shine forever. You can apply many of these tricks to clean your gold jewellery at home.

Download the infographic guide on "12 secrets that will help your baubles shine forever"

12 secrets that will help your baubles shine forever

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