5 Jewellery Styling Trends that We Love in 2018


The jewellery trends in 2018 are something to look forward to, some are dramatic, some takes you back in time and some tell you they are in for a long haul. Not all runway styles make it to your wardrobe, it is still interesting to pick those that will fit your style statement. Give a girl the right jewelry, she can conquer the world!

We loved five trends we believe you can easily add to your wardrobe.


Looks like duster earrings, asymmetric and other kinds of statement earrings are here to stay. The oversized beauties are not just in earrings, you can see them in a necklace, chains, rings, bracelets, et al. Save some bucks when you refresh your wardrobe and keep those biggies until next year. Want to make a splash in the next party, pick a duster in just gold or silver metal. Pick a piece that is lightweight, so you can flaunt on the dance floor.

Statement Earrings


Bright colours require certain personality or at least be able to fake it! Pinks, greens, yellows are trending again in 2018. The runways looked like the 80s back with a bang! Acrylic and fabrics seem to the favourite material to flaunt the bright fairies. Not sure if it will work for you! Pick a piece of the bracelet and pair it with a subtle outfit, you won’t go wrong.

 Bright Jewellery


There is always a magic in being ‘Clear’.

You need not find something unique with transparent jewellery. Each piece will look unique as it reflects your skin and outfit colour. The primary materials are plastic and acrylics. If you are trying it for the first time, go for clear. Pick a small piece of drop earrings or bracelet for starters.

Transparent Jewellery


Trending, eternal, these words can apply to only one beauty, pearls.  You never give up on your BFF.

You will never have to worry about trends with pearls. Pick the one you love and wear them throughout the year, no one will complain. If you plan to buy new pieces, don’t fear to try bold shapes.

Pearl Jewellery


‘Single’ is a new way to mingle, yeah, we mean it, they can be perfect conversation starters. Be sure to pick the perfect piece to match your outfit. Earring made of material like shell, glass, fabric, fake feathers will work best. Buy it as a pair and wear on one ear, now you got two looks at the price of one!

Single Earrings

While your personal style is more important, trends helps review your wardrobe and keeps it fresh. We are a big believer of there is nothing called enough jewellery.

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