How to Use Hair Accessories and Look Absolutely Stunning

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Hair accessories are an important aspect of styling. We can make a simple hairstyle stunning with hair decoration accessories. The latest hair accessories ideas and options available online will delight and surprise you. You do not have to dread with hunting down hair accessories to perfect your styling.

Head accessories are no secrets it has existed for several centuries now. Men and women used flowers, leaves and twigs to adorn their head. Hair sticks or bun pins are a great embellishment for messy bun styles.

Let’s find out the must-have hair accessories, killer ideas on how to use them to make your hairstyle standout every single occasion.



Hairpins are perfect for any occasion. Be it simple bobby pins or designer hair clips, they can quickly transform your looks. Hair clips and hair combs work for any length of hair. Hair clips are available online in many styles - gold hair clips, baby hair clips, flower hair clips, fancy hair clips, hair sticks, banana clips, and so on. While choosing hair clips for long hair pick a medium to large size style or add several small hair clips. If you want to use an oversized flower hair clip, avoid any other hair accessories for that look.

Hair Band

Hair Band

The hairband can be the lone accessory with an outfit. Headbands for women adds the fun factor to an outfit while baby hair bands add an extra dose of cuteness. A flower hair band is a great addition to casual wears. If you pick hair band with formal wear pick slim metal styles in subtle tones. Hair bands for girls are a great accessory for college wear. Hairband design is available in a bow hairband, wraparound elastic headbands, flower headband and so on.

Hair Ties

Hair Ties

The one accessory that every woman owns is a ‘Hair Tie’. We wear an elastic hair tie every day. Embellished hair ties or simple satin hair ties on a plaited hair both guarantees to create a unique style. A hair ribbon matching to the colour of saree is perfect with plaited hair. Take a simple satin ribbon and make an oversized hair bow and tie to the hair, viola, you rock! If you are looking to a unique style, pick a scarf from your wardrobe and tie your hair.

Hair Jewellery

Hair Jewellery

Indian bridal hair accessories are an integral part of wedding accessories shopping. Head jewellery such as maang tikka or the hair brooch is an important bridal accessory. You can find clever ideas and tips online on how to use the necklace, saree brooches or bracelets as head jewellery.

Simple hair extensions and fresh flowers make a bridal hair special with traditional saree. You create a beautiful hairstyle by using a long chain as a hair chain and a few bobbies. You can also find artificial bridal hair flowers to create the bridal look.

A hat is more than just a utility, they can be the perfect style statement and works well for both formal and casual occasions. Pick a hat that is simple and neutral to use it with many outfits.

We can use hair accessories any outfit or occasion however keep in mind the overall looks to decide the hair accessory which will work for that event or occasion.

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