How to make your favorite charms stand out

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Simple! You need a perfect bracelet to go with your charms. As a charm lover, you know that how much it can boost your energy and positivism. Charms are a great way to express your state of mind, interests or just grab a few for fun and frolic.

Be sure to choose different colors, textures, and materials to make your collection a vibrant and eye-catchy treasure. You will find them in metal (precious and non-precious), leather, and thread base material.

Your choice of the bracelet will depend on the type of charms you prefer. We are discussing three types of bracelets here. The first two bracelet types are best suited for charms with a lobster clasp or a jump ring. The last one is perfect with a bead charm. You can buy a few lobster clasps, rings or beads and make your charms more functional to be used with any form of bracelets.

Link bracelet: Link bracelet comes in different thickness and link shapes. The slim variety is a great option if you prefer a delicate look with one or two select charms of your choice. Go for higher gauge link if you prefer to overload your bracelet with many charms.

Link bracelet

Expandable bangle: If you prefer a bangle type, then this one is just for you. They can hold as many numbers of charms as you please. It also works well with large charms. You can add as many bangles as well.


Snake chain bracelet: These are perfect companions for bead charms. Go ahead and add a couple of charms to give it a bracelet look. Else, fill it with many charms to give it a bangle look.


There is nothing like having enough charms


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