How to easily attach your favorite cloth patch

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Congratulations on getting your favorite cloth applique patch! Now you must be wondering how to fix this on to your favorite outfit or bag, its super easy.

Sew on patches or iron on patches

If you know how to make stitches then you can sew on the patches with just three simple steps and you are ready to become a rock star.

Sew on applique cloth patch

If stitching is not your forte, you can still attach the patch with fabric glue. Just follow three simple steps and you will rock on!

Iron on applique cloth patch

Now that your patch is attached, make sure to take care of them while washing. Typically the patches are embroidered or have sequins and squeezing them during wash will be worn out the patch quickly. Make sure to iron only on the reverse side of the outfit or you can add a piece of cloth over the patch before ironing them.

Got more ideas on cloth patches, share them with us by leaving a comment below.

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