How to Accessorize Light and Look Awesome

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Wearing the right sort of combination of accessories is a fundamental vogue talent that distinguishes between stylish ladies and the boring ones!

Wearing light accessories with any of your outfits are a perfect way to give you a youthful chic look and make you stand out. With various options, available in the market for people of all budgets, it is always a great idea to include an item or two of jewellery with your casual and formal outfits.

Following are the ways for you to accessorize light with your fashion jewellery.

Don’t wear many ornaments at a time.

Be a bit easy on your jewellery while you are dressing up. For example, if you are wearing earrings then don’t include bracelets or a huge band or a muffler. How much is too much is a debatable point; however, we believe sticking to two key ornaments is ideal.

One focus jewellery combined with one complementing piece will perfect the looks.

How to accessorize light and look awesome

Earrings and studs

These babies focus on your face and enhance its glow. Whether you go for thick studs with stones or a classic pair of dangling earrings, you could always include a touch of charisma to your look by wearing statement earrings.

Nailing on a single pair of earrings can be super difficult if you are an earring junkie! If you go for statement earrings your complimentary piece should be lighter.

Learn everything about earrings!

Wear bracelets

Bracelets are ideal for dressing up any casual or formal outfit. A set of bangles are in huge trend and all fashion icons are spotted wearing a cluster on a wrist to enhance their youthful look.

If you would like to stake up your bracelets, be sure to choose the colours and textures that will go with your dress of the day!

How to accessorize light and look awesome

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Long necklaces

These ornaments are always in trend. Make sure to wear just one long necklace, containing beads or a funky shaped pendant.

A long necklace is equal to many necklace types since you can play with the length and extract unlimited design options.

Take this fun quiz to find out what necklace type works best for you!

Include bursts of hues

If you are wearing a neutral toned or simple outfit, add a burst of hues with your ornaments like a set of bangles or a long necklace and pair it with a muffler, heels and stripped handbag to be a head turner. Make sure that the jewellery compliments with your dress.

Include a belt

Belts have always been a favourite of the fall season. Pair up your skirts and dresses with a belt for a sexy look. You can also add a belt to your plain tops and dark jackets for a perfect street style look and to focus on your figure.

How to accessorize light and look awesome

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Blend different ornaments together

Blend different items of your ornaments together to create a gorgeous traditional style. Be confident and try pairing up items with one another to create a jewellery statement of your own.

How to accessorize light and look awesome

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Which of these looks is your favourite? Always make sure to get ornaments that deliver a portion of your character.

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