5 Easy Ways to Adorn Your Feet for a Party


With the start of festivals and wedding season, the team at pinkhippostore.com thought of sharing some ideas on super easy ways to adorn your feet. You can choose to go with just one option or mix and match a few of them to add that extra zing!


Anklets: A tried and tested way! It’s super easy to wear. You can have few anklets in your wardrobe for different types of dresses. You could choose to have it on one leg if it’s a Western wear. They come in all forms and material. You can choose an antique silver one for trendy wears and heavy silver or gold for traditional wears.

Don’t have anklets? You can still manage your neck chain. Wrap it around your ankle and it will look awesome and unique.

Acrylic Stones

Acrylic Stones: Our favorite, it lets you go wild. They are commonly available in local art and craft stores. You can choose the self-adhesive option and go creatively. The design can be based on the party theme and colors. Stone stickers are available in all colors and shapes.

Not able to find acrylic stones in the nearby store, grab sticker bindis and use them.

Nail Decals

Nail Decals: Don’t have time to apply a nail coat? Then you will surely love this. These are super fast ways to make you feet look pretty – nail decals! They are available with self-adhesives, just stick them on and apply a top coat if you want it to last longer. They come in hundreds of designs including 3D ones.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos: Want to look super cool? This is the way to go! Unlimited designs are readily available – simple black, multi-colored, and metallic. They are typically available in water transferable form. Our favorite for this season is metallic tattoos. They immediately add to the festivities and easy to use. You can match the similar design on your hands as well.

Toe Rings

Toe Rings: Simple, yet a remarkable piece of art for your feet! Like anklets, they are available in metals as well as plastic or nylon material. The neon rings look cool on funky dresses. Try a gold or silver stone rings for traditional dresses. You also can wear toe rings with anklets attached.

Ready for the party – have a blast! Have more ideas, please do share them in the comment area.

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