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"You can always tell what kind of person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you" - Audrey Hepburn

Earrings history dates back to several centuries. History has it that it might have been born in India more than 5000 years ago. They have had quite a drama around them - worn by both men and women, pierced on humans to be marked as slaves, Egyptian’s wore dramatic versions, well-travelled sailors flaunted them, and Shakespeare had one too.

Earring styles have gone back and forth over these several thousand years. It is difficult to pinpoint and say that an earring style was born in this period since every time something new comes you can quickly relate back to an ancient day style. The differences are primarily in the materials used. A women's love for earrings never dies, letting designers play with material, stones, textures and forms. While they are christened with new names by every generation, there are basically three types of earrings;

Stud earrings

Every girl would have started with ear studs, before moving more exotic ones. Studs today are available in a wide variety: simple studs, pearl studs, stone studs, large studs, double-sided earrings, ear jackets, and ear cuffs.

They typically have a stem for the ear lobe and a push back, screw or reversible back to secure it from falling off.

Tips: If you are allergic to metals then try adding transparent plastic buttons on the front side and a plastic or rubber push back.

Hoop earrings

'Hoops' are evergreens. They are always in vogue in some or other forms at any point in time. The light weight Huggies are best to wear if you are not the type to change your earrings too often. You can choose between a full circle or semi-circle hoops. Hoop are available in ever geometric shape possible although circle rules this world.

Tips: Make sure to check the weight of hoop earrings especially when you are looking for heavily decorated ones. The weight of hoops can hurt your ear lobes. Avoid prolonged wearing of heavy hoops.

Drop earrings

They are the natural drama queens. Women's love for these dates back to 3rd century BC. A simple stone drops to elaborate chandeliers, they can be worn as a solo accessory and yet make you look million-dollar worth.

Tips: They can instantly accentuate your looks if you choose the right type of drops to suit your face type. Store them carefully since they are delicate especially when they are long.

Didn't get your ears pierced, no problem at all. There are a ton of options that can equally help you create a style statement. Go for clip-on, stick-on, ear cuffs, or ear wraps.

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