How to Look Awesome by Breaking the Accessorizing Rules

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“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” - Picasso

Jewellery and accessories have existed for several thousand centuries and so are their rules. The rules may have been relevant for those times or just a creator’s block. We are here to break it. We listed the popular rules on why and how to break those. It’s your time to be an ‘ARTIST’.


Jewellery Accessorising Rules

You love something, the trend should not matter! Trend changes with every fashion season, movie releases and celebs Instagram updates. What’s trending may not work for you or you may dislike the style. Keeping up with the trend may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The new fashion trend could be precious stones hoop earrings and your current love is stud earrings then stick to them. Let’s change this rule to “Keep it comfy” to look awesome.


Jewellery Accessorising Rules

If you wear a watch, then stop with that one piece. That’s an absolute no, mix bangles or bracelets that will complement your watch style or colour. You wear a watch as a style statement than for the purpose someone invented it. Accessories both wrists if your outfit demands. You can load both wrists with delicate bangles with a bohemian outfit. Add a braided bunch to a casual watch. Mix sleek bangle designs with a metal strap watch.


Jewellery Accessorising Rules

The ancient rule is not to mix metals and keep it the same. That’s a boring rule and we must break it. Mixing metals with different hues and textures is fun. Just do it to fit your style and outfit. Mixing gold and silver enhances both hues if done right. If you want right easy ideas, then stack rings of different metals or charms in your bracelet or a set of delicate bangles.


Jewellery Accessorising Rules

“Clutches for formal parties” Sure, maybe true for a few types of clutches! When you shop for clutches next time make sure you pick fun designs to carry it next time to your girl’s summer shopping or one for your Friday office. Today, clutches are available in a wide range of designs, colours and textures. Own a few of them and pair them to your outfit and occasion.


Jewellery Accessorising Rules

“Matching is a passe”–you need a piece of accessory that fits your looks for that occasion. You can pair the diamond earrings with a gold necklace or gold bangles with silver Jhumka earrings if you believe your outfit requires that looks. Mix-Match is the way of life. Each time it brings freshness to the looks. Go bold and break the ‘match’ rule.


Jewellery Accessorising Rules

That large statement jewellery looks right with casual wear only. We don’t think so! Any oversize or statement piece looks perfect when paired with a subtle outfit or as a lone piece of accessory. Try an oversize bangle with a simple saree and boost your Monday workday looks. Crowding of statement pieces is a strict no. It’s called a ‘statement’ piece!


Jewellery Accessorising Rules

The oldest rule, pearls are formal jewellery, meant for mamas, etc. Pearls are not just timeless they are ageless and occasion neutral. They blend with the outfit without overpowering them. If you don’t own pearl, then we got to ask you “do you love jewellery?” Pick a few pieces of pearl jewellery and win the art of perfecting looks.


Jewellery Accessorising Rules

Keep this in mind if you want to wear fashion and fine jewellery together.  And, if your fashion jewellery metal is not of good quality. Otherwise, you can mix fashion and fine to achieve the perfect look. While creating a wedding look, you can manage your budget wisely by picking fashion accessories especially when you will use them only once.


Jewellery Accessorising Rules

Fine or fashion, they look expensive when you fit them right. You pick the right design, style, pattern and colour to make them look expensive or cheap. The personality you wear is more important than anything else. You can make a wedding band in platinum or white gold look the same.


Jewellery Accessorising Rules

You must experiment irrespective of your age. As you grow older, you may be open to trying new ideas since you can take feedback more positively and maturely. Your taste towards accessories change with time and you must test ideas you believe will enhance your looks. Next time when you are online shopping don’t forget to try those new ideas.

We believe that style has only one rule–FLAUNT WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!


Jewellery Accessorising Rules

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