Uncover the Best Hidden Ideas for Styling Jewellery

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Uncover the Best Hidden Ideas for Styling Jewellery

"Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique." Jennie Kwon

Each piece of jewellery is designed to please a women's desire to feel unique and beautiful. A pair of earrings or necklace or bracelet, simply makes you feel confident and stylish. But, what if we can now use these jewellery pieces to create more than one style.

Yes, we are uncovering some ideas that can make you feel I have enough jewellery (possibly!)"

Bangle to armlet

It’s perfect if you love to wear armlets for certain occasion but do not want to invest in a lot of them. Cuffs or any adjustable bangles work perfectly for this jewellery hack. Pick cuffs that suit your outfit. If your outfit has heavy embroidery work then avoid cuffs that are large or have heavy stone work. Sleek and delicate cuff bangles are perfect with any outfit.

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Necklace to hair accessories

A timeless hack that even our granny would have tried at some point in time. A maang tikka or chutti or billa, call it by any name there will be no Indian wedding without this gorgeous piece of jewellery. A neck piece with pendant works with saree, salwar & traditional Indian dresses. A simple chain around the forehead wrapped like a tiara works perfectly with western outfits. To ensure a comfortable wear pick a piece that is not heavy. Secure the necklace with small bobby pins. Got a layered necklace try them with the length of your hair. Show off the Greek goddess in you.

Maang tika, necklace, chutti, billa, jewellery styling

Chokers to armlet

They work well with both metal and ribbon chokers. Add a small pendant to enhance the looks. They also fit firmly, you can enjoy your occasion without the fear of losing your choker. Wrap the choker in two layers to get the right looks. If you have a long extender chain with the choker remove them (you can re-attach later)!

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Mismatched earrings

Pick two earrings that look good when mismatched. There are no rules to this – you can pick one short another long or pick different colour stones or pick similar earrings in say gold and silver. They look very pretty when done well. Try put a couple of options, click a selfie, ask your besties, you are ready for the ramp!

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Pendant to brooch

Pick your favourite pendant and turn them to a beautiful brooch with a pin. Make sure to choose the same pin metal colour as the pendant. You can choose large or small pendant based on the outfit’s style. You can add drama to any outfit with pendant brooches.

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Single earring

You got to choose something that will stand out. A bold statement earring or a sweeper earring or a large hoop earring will work. A little help with a good hair-do you can carry off this trend very easily.

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Waist chain to layered necklace

A kamarband or hip chain is must have bridal jewellery, but be sure to pick one that you can use as a necklace as well. Wrap the waist chain to create layers and you are ready with an exclusive neckpiece. The South Indian bridal or Bharatanatyam style may not suitable as neck pieces. If you love such style pick ones that interlink small squares with chains to be able to reuse it as a necklace.

kamar band, hip chain, waist chain

Brooch to hair accessory

Brooches can be used as centre or side pieces for hair styles. They make your bridal look perfect. It can also be used to lift a boring hair band. Buy a simple hair clip and attach your favourite brooch and you got yourself a new look. It is also easy to attach and remove the brooch.

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Got more ideas or tried some of these ideas, share it with us. Leave a comment below.



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