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Fashion Jewellery

Introduction to the Beautiful World of Fashion Jewellery

Fashion Jewellery means any piece of jewellery that is not made from precious metals. It's also called as imitation jewellery, costume jewellery, trinkets, junk jewellery, or fake jewellery.

The birth of jewellery synchronises with the birth of mankind. Think about this, early human used leaf, twigs, flowers & shells to adorn them.

Jewellery played its role as a status symbol until the 19th century after which it became a common man’s accessory too.

Industrialisation, World wars and the birth of fashionistas like Coco Chanel changed the game for the world of costume or fashion jewellery.

Fashion jewellery shopping is a pure pleasure given its low budget requirements and millions of options. It also gives the freedom to experiment with one’s own style, unlike fine jewellery.

Still curious to find if you are cut out for fashion jewellery, take a quiz to find whether you are a fashion or fine girl!

Costume jewellery also acts as a prelude to picking the right fine jewellery. Loved a piece of fine jewellery, still have a question about investing, try similar artificial metal jewellery and make the decision.

Fashion jewellery works well for everyone, all occasions and style preferences.

For starters pick tested designs that are like fine jewellery and you are sure to look perfect.

Pick perfect Fashion Jewellery

How to Pick the Perfect Fashion Jewellery

“There's no such thing as perfection.”

That’s so true for a jewellery pick. While seasonal trend plays a crucial role in the choice of artificial jewellery, personal comfort always rules.

A jewellery pick primarily depends on two aspects – style preference and jewel material.

Style preferences are influenced by comfort, occasion, trends, and age. Every woman should work to create a unique style that suits you versus running behind seasonality and runway.

Comfort – If you want to put your jewellery piece to a test for different parameters then this is the foremost qualifier question. Ask yourself –

Does it come with my style definition?
Will I be comfortable wearing it?
Can I confidently carry it off?

Occasion – Not every piece of jewellery can be worn in every place. A large statement piece is more suitable for parties and weddings while a delicate and simple piece is suitable as office jewellery. Ask yourself –
Where can I wear this?
How often can I wear it?
Can I maximise a limited use piece?

Trend – Style tends to evolve over time with age and the eco-system that you live in. Trends do play a role in your style. Costume jewellery is a perfect way to explore contemporary trends. Ask yourself –
Can I fit it in my style?
Is it a single season fad? Watch your investment

Age – Style evolves with age. You might have been comfortable with neon and plastics as a teen but not when you are in your 40s. Ask yourself -
Do I feel awkward about it?
Am I confident with it?

While you can deviate from your style preferences at certain occasions, sticking to a style statement creates an easily acceptable persona.

You never thought jewellery with psychology – try your favourite piece of jewellery on a so-called unpleasant day and see how things change for better!

While the choice of material is heavily influenced by style preferences another important aspect of it is suitability for your skin.

Typically, stainless steel jewellery is hypo-allergic. Paper quilled jewellery is super light to suit any age group. Terracotta jewellery is earth friendly. Copper and brass have been a preferred choice of material for several thousand years.

Most base metals can be coated with champagne-gold, rose-gold or silver and their respective antique versions as well.

The coating can be of precious metal themselves or other chemically treated colours.

If you are unsure about metal suitability try an inexpensive piece of jewellery for a short duration or borrow from your friend to test and then go on a full spree.

The design choice in fashion jewellery is unlimited. An intricately cut glass can look like million-dollar worth.

A piece of jewellery embellished with Swarovski crystals looks comparable and is more affordable to precious stone jewellery. Wood and thread go well with ethnic wears.

Crystals and zircons are perfect to add instant festivity to outfit.

Colour, colour, what colour do you choose.

Yeah, this is the most difficult part of making the final choice since the options are literally unlimited when it comes to the colour of stones, beads, glass or threads.

If you understood the physics and chemistry behind your jewellery then picking a perfect piece will be a cake walk every time.

Save this infographic on how to make your next fashion jewellery buy better to make smart decisions next time.

 Create spotlight look with jewellery

Winning Secrets to Creating the Spotlight Looks with Jewellery

“There is no secret ingredient.”

The most important aspect of jewellery buying is to keep in mind when you will wear them and with what style of clothes.

It's the easiest thing to answer in your journey of picking the right fashion jewellery.

A heavy embellishment will work best for a wedding; a super light elegant piece will work for office wear; a sturdy piece will work for everyday wear.

A piece of jewellery is the simple secret to making any outfit pop. We believe that no matter what type of jewellery it is you can simply make it perfect for you by flaunting the right attitude…we mean it!

Pick a piece of jewellery that you want to highlight with an outfit and focus all your other accessorising around it. This will make it very easy to perfect your outfit without sweats.

Make sure to synchronise outfit and jewellery carefully. For example, statement earrings and statement necklace together is not a great idea. Similarly, don’t pair a sequin dress with extra bling neck piece.

A simple rule that will never let you down – simple dress, dramatic jewellery and vice versa.

Earrings - A perfect way to start a styling exercise. The occasion to wear can easily decide the earrings that should wear. A statement piece will go well for a party look. Lighter and simple earrings are best for day-long work wear.

Each earring back offers a certain level of comfort, safety as well as add to the aesthetics. Pick earrings based on their style and back to ensure perfect looks with utmost comfort. Read more about earrings.

Necklace - Neckpieces are a great style element and can add an instant glow to your neckline. The important aspect of choosing a necklace after the design is the length. An opera necklace with a pendant will work with a sweater.

Check out the chain pattern, clasp and pendant design, if any before deciding on a piece to go with.

A heavy pendant is better highlighted with a simple chain.

Bracelet - A pretty bracelet can change the look in a jiffy. Layering with charm and thread style works well with denim. Go with a statement bracelet and drop earrings to accentuate any outfit.

A delicate bangle will work well with most office wears.

Rings - A well-fitted ring can add magic to those fingers.

Bracelet and rings are two things that you can keep looking at and admire at any time - you don't need a mirror or phone!

Guarantee success with every jewellery pick

How You Can Guarantee Success with Styling Every Time

Styling is everything! While all of us have a personal way to style ourselves and look our best, it takes a tad bit extra effort to look perfect every time.

We got it covered for you to take a piece of paper answer these five questions and you will look your best every time. While styling is personal these tricks and tips will guarantee that diva look every time.

What’s the occasion?

A key aspect that will sum up everything about your styling is the event or the occasion that you are dressing up for.

Your best friend’s wedding deserves the best outfit and jewellery from your wardrobe. You can also add some bling to fresh shopping.

Look for inspirations everywhere – one best way to plan well for styling is to do it every day.

Sounds crazy!

We meet people and watch their fashion and styles every day so why not! If you loved a way of styling make a note of it and use them when the occasion is right.

Should you spend time doing this – of course! The style is about you – it directly boosts confidence and people meet your style first and then you!

Which is the focal piece?

“Fashion is what you buy. The style is what you do with it.”

Decide on that one piece that you want everyone to talk about today – a piece of jewellery or an outfit. Style every other aspect of this one piece sounds easy!

Pick your favourite pair of statement sweeper earrings and an off-shoulder dress and perfect the party looks.

When it comes to styling overcrowding of jewellery and accessories is an absolute no, no.

When is the event?

The time of the day and the season of the event can help in perfecting the colour and nature of outfit and jewellery.

Best friend’s winter wedding ensemble can include your favourite heavy gold thread embroidered lehenga with your grand mum’s antique gold choker.

Where is the place?

The nature of the place helps in picking perfect pieces - a beach holiday, a hill station party, or a cold region wedding?

Who is attending?

The kind of people that will attend the event gives a lot of clue for styling. Is it office annual party vs. best buddy’s baby shower.

Standing out in the crowd is perfect but try not to be the odd one out.

While this could look like a time-consuming exercise, you will become natural after doing this a few times.

Do you have to pack up your bags or will you dress-up from home? Read more on how to make the best out of each piece of jewellery.

Always keep the golden rule in mind – Keep it simple.

Best sources for fashion jewellery styling 

The Best Sources for Jewellery Styling Inspirations

You can pick the best jewellery but you can make it look the best without styling. Styling is not very difficult, you can find millions of ideas and pick the one that best fits your personal taste.

We believe the following 5 sources are the best place to freeze your look for your next outing.


Perfect place to find ideas for your styling. You can follow your favourite boards and save posts for the future.

Click here to find jewellery styling ideas

Vogue India:

It is the place for people obsessed with celebrity and runways. You can also search for the styles of your favourite designers.

Click here to follow seasons & designers

Wedding inspirations:

Brides today have millions of options and have this awesome opportunity to find the latest trends by checking on real weddings. Try these websites and make your big day look picture perfect.

Weddingplz & Wedmegood: Explore Indian wedding inspirations by region.

Loverly: Western wedding inspirations. We also love the fact that you can explore ideas by the venue on this website.

Who What Wear:

The street style section is a good place to find ideas on how to style a perfect look for every occasion.

Click here to find your everyday styling inspiration

Styling is an evolving process always look out for the latest ideas and inspirations to create that million dollars look.

Websites like Pinterest and Polyvore enables you to save and test ideas without much effort.

A few successes with your styling effort will let you explore new ideas and evolve your personal style statement.

When in doubt click a selfie, send it to your bestie for an opinion.

Fashion Jewellery Guide

Conclusion - The Secret Sauce to Fashion Jewellery

"Fashion is instant language"

While fine jewellery is an evergreen style idea that gets passed on for generations, imitation jewellery provides the freedom to follow seasonal trends and fashion.

Artificial jewellery buying is a pure pleasure shopping. The simple secret to buying is to keep an open mind for new styles and trends and to experiment with new ideas without breaking your bank.

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