9 Awesome Jewellery Hacks that You Should Absolutely Know


Every jewellery lovers know their sparkle helps them stand out and tall in a crowd. They love to take extra care to protect each of their favourite picks and want them to last forever. While this fairy tale is not an easy thing with fashion jewellery, we got hacks that can help keep your baubles intact for a longer time. Your best jewelry needs some basic care.

The hacks are applicable to both fashion and fine jewellery. Fashion jewellery, unlike precious metals, tarnishes due to metals used. Made of mixed alloys including zinc, copper, tin, and iron that reacts with water, chemicals, and air. Get to know the anatomy of fashion jewellery in this infographic. In fine jewellery, silver turns black when exposed to air and water. Use these hacks to keep them safe and new forever.

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Hack #1: Chalk Piece

These humble little things are Saviours! Put a few pieces in your jewel box or case and they will protect the jewellery from tarnishing by absorbing the moisture.

Be sure to change the chalk as and when required.

Blog Jewellery Hacks

Hack #2: Plastic Wraps

Wrap large pieces of jewellery with plastic bubble wraps. Thin plastic films work best for stone and crystal jewellery. They will keep the jewellery intact and prevent from tarnishing.

Always wipe your jewellery after every wear before wrapping it. Any sweat or water can affect the metal. Find out How to Keep Your Favorite Baubles New Forever.

Blog Jewellery Hacks

Hack #3: Plastic Straws

Delicate chains are beautiful, but messy to store. Plastic straws are the perfect way to store them. Push one end of the chain into the hole and lock the clasp from the other end of the straw. You can cut the straw or add to adjust the length. This works for necklaces with pendants. You can buy straws with large holes to fit your neck pieces

Blog Jewellery Hacks

Hack #4: Zip-lock bags

Each piece of jewellery stored separately will enhance their life! Pick zip-lock bags of few sizes on your next shopping trip. Small bags come handy to store rings, earrings, bracelets, and anklets. You use relevant bag sizes to manage space while storing your collections.

Blog Jewellery Hacks

Hack #5: Paper Cards

Got old visiting cards, thick magazine covers, or postcards, don’t throw them away! Slide your hairpins into the small cards and wrap your hair band around large cards and store them. You can flaunt your recycling skills!

Blog Jewellery Hacks

Hack #6: Baby Powder

Have you a fetish for delicate necklaces or bracelets? You are not alone, delicate jewellery is timeless, they have always had a special place in the world of jewellery. Storing delicate jewellery are tricky, they will get tangled in a jiffy. Keep baby powder handy and rub it against the tangle, viola, you got it.

9 Awesome Jewellery Hacks that You Should Absolutely Know

Hack #7: Petroleum Jelly

Not every jewellery suits every skin, sometimes the most expensive jewellery can cause allergies. Just rub good quality petroleum jelly on the stem and back of the earrings to protect yourself from allergies. Be sure to remove the jewellery and wipe immediately before storing them away.

Blog Jewellery Hacks

Hack #8: Buttons

Small studs and drop are easy to lose. Pin them to buttonholes and store them in a zip bag. You can now find them always, no more hiding my baubles!

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Hack #9: Satin Ribbon

I got 100 rings, but, never get to find the right one when I want to? Sounds like you? We got you a solution, all you need it a satin ribbon and a safety pin. Take a piece of ribbon, tie a knot at both ends, add a safety pin to one end, now add your rings and pin the other end to the safety pin. You can now easily look for your pick for the day. Time to save the ribbons from your gift wraps!

Let your jewellery fairy-tale be forever after!

You got some interesting hacks to share with us, add them to the comments.

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