7 Awesome Jewellery Trends That You Need to Know


Let’s board the time machine. We got to! Style revival is an integral part jewellery. Looks like this season the revival has been happening in abundance. We still love it because every time the comeback is perfectly designed to suit the tastes of the present generations.


While there is a lot going on with fashion trends and fashion jewellery, we clearly picked the most seen, most worn and most popular jewellery trends.


We love cuff bracelets since there is one for every individual style preference. They have been present in every fashion show in the recent times across the globe. Whether you prefer to wear it closer to the forearm or hang them loose on the wrist, they look trendy.

Circle Drama bracelet


‘I am back’. We hear you asking, do they ever go out of trend! Not in a true sense but it was a quiet time for pearl jewellery. Now these beauties are back with a bang. Pick them in any form earrings, bracelets, necklace, they look beautiful - any age, any style!


Duster earrings are perfect when you want to sweep all the attention towards you. These drop type of earrings are a must to create the much-needed drama for the princess in every woman. Pick something that is light on ear lobes if you are not used to super long dangles.Duster Earrings


'Simple & beautiful' this statement perfectly fits this fashion jewellery trend. They look like an exclusive art piece in a gallery. A few twists, voila they make heads turn!

 Twists Jewelry


Did we time travel to the 90s, chokers are the in thing? We can, without a doubt, call this the year of choker necklaces, they are an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe now. Our favourite is the simple rope choker that can be styled easily for individual’s taste.

Choker Jewelry


Where do you belong to Gen X, Y, Z? Does not matter! They clearly mean your style or nothing! Charm jewellery is perfect to show off your signature style without breaking the bank. We love these teenie-weenies for the fact that sky is the limit to style with them.

Charm Jewelry


The shiny, shimmery crystals have made a comeback with elegant and tasteful designs making it irresistible. Whether you choose jewellery with Austrian crystals or otherwise, they truly are a must haves.

Crystal JEwelry

Now pick your favourites from the list and add your personal touch – you are ready to win the ‘Most stylish’ title.

Got more trending jewellery pieces, add them to the comments below.

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